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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) - (

20 June is World Refugee Day. It is a salute to the indomitable spirit and courage of the world's refugees.

World Refugee Day 2014 puts a human face to the refugee issue, that behind the numbers and statistics are real people with real stories and real dreams and desires for a life of safety.

For the first time ever, World Refugee Day was commemorated in Malaysia through a collaboration between the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the well-established Malaysian art bazaar initiative "Art For Grabs".

"Art For Grabs: World Refugee Day" combined all the things people have grown to love about Art For Grabs - the stage events, the accessible art bazaar, the community spirit - with refugee art booths and refugee awareness events.

MLD sponsored a booth for a refugee artisan for 2 days - during the World Refugee Day Art 2015 in May 2015.

Recipient of:

Cash (MYR)

Award from MLD




JEWEL (Johor Women's League) - (

The Johor Women's League or JEWEL (Pertubuhan Pergerakan Wanita Johor, 2069-09-JHR) is a non-governmental, non-profit Society of women volunteers dedicated to advancing the status of women and children.

JEWEL was established in October 2008 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Its membership is multi-racial. JEWEL's primary objectives are:

· To advance the status of women and children.
· To strive for the elimination of all forms of violence against women and children.
· And to encourage the empowerment of women and children by means of education, advocacy and other forms of assistance.

MLD sponsored 1 table for the JEWEL's International Women's Day High Tea 2015 on 29th March 2015 at the Double Tree by Hilton, Johor Bahru. The event featured guest speaker, the acclaimed Muslim feminist and women's rights advocate Zainah Anwar.

Recipient of:

Cash (MYR)

Award from MLD


The following items for door gifts were also sponsored by MLD:

Recipient of:

In kind

Award from MLD

1) Male Wash - 280 pcs
2) Female wash - 280 pcs
3) Male Creams - 280 pcs
4) Female Creams - 280 pcs
5) Pens - 280 pcs

Sisters in Islam - (

Sisters in Islam (SIS) is a non-profit organization promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state.

MLD purchased the Calligraphy Work - 1000 Dinar - Surah At Tholag (Ayat Seribu Dinar) in July 2015.

Recipient of:

Cash (MYR)

Award from MLD




Dr. Ismail Tamby, Dr Care Blog - (

Dr Care is a practicing andrologist currently providing professional advice related to sexual healthcare matters through ESP brand website - Dr. Care blog. This blog provides an avenue for consumers to pose questions anonymously and the advice given are posted in the blog for others to also gain benefits from it.

The age demography is broad whilst the type of questions posed were diverse as proof that the blog has been well received by consumers as a trusted avenue on sexual healthcare matters.



MLD's Own

MLD continued its support to its own employees' children and their families who needed assistance for education and special needs. This was in 2015 mainly in the form of cash assistance as below. MLD has a work force that knows its employer's care goes beyond its own gates.



Children of MLD employees having financial constraints and in support to children with special needs


One off payment for registration and partial 1st semester fees for MLD employees


Award for recognition for children of MLD employees for the UPSR, PMR, SPM & STPM


Subsidy on school uniforms for children of MLD employees (Executive and below)


One-time payment for school fees and books for children of MLD employees


One off payment for children of MLD employees registration to IPT


House rental for employee with handicapped spouse


Flood Donation Drive: Food Kit (Kelantan)


Nepal earthquake - 2 Nepal employees





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