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CSR 2012

Leading The Way With Heart

In line with its 25th Anniversary in 2012, Beiersdorf's Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD (MLD) announced a slew of new initiatives in this area with a contribution in excess of MYR125K in cash and kind to various organizations as detailed below besides a donation of condoms/lubricating gels to some of the organizations.

(1) Women's Aid Organisation, Malaysia (WAO)

A Malaysian non-governmental organization founded in 1982 spurred by the late Tun Tan Siew Sin. WAO's mission is to promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women; to work towards the elimination of discrimination against women and to bring about equality between women and men. WAO consists of three different centres with specific tasks namely "The Refuge", The Child Care Centre (CCC) and The WAO Centre.

(2) Malaysian Aids Council, Malaysia (MAC)

Established in 1992 under the Ministry of Health with a mission to represent, mobilise and strengthen non-governmental organisations and communities who wereworking with HIV/AIDS issues. The primary objectives of MAC are to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS, prevent the spread of HIV, eliminate discrimination / stigma and prejudice associated with AIDS, promote and protect the rights of those made vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and ensure the highest possible quality of life for those with HIV/AIDS.

(3) The Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, Malaysia (KSDF)

Formed in 1990, it is a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status and is committed to the welfare of children with Down Syndrome. Its activities are geared toward the setting up and management for Centers of Education and creating public awareness of children with Down Syndrome up to 6 years old.

(4) Villa Paulos, Malaysia

A house donated by Madam Goh Lum Eng to the Titular Roman Catholic, Melaka Johor Diocese. Villa Paulos is a non-profit organisation committed to assisting children, without racial or religious distinction who have lost their parent(s) through death, have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected and to help them become healthy, upright and productive citizens.

(5) Amitabha Centre, Malaysia

Founded in 1998 by Venerable Rev. Xuanfa with the single objective of helping the needy. Today it is one of the most prominent charities in Malaysia and have set up numerous charitable facilities and service to cater for the handicapped, Down Syndrome, Old Folks, Orphans, Under Educated and Sick.

(6) Johore Cheshire Home, Malaysia

The establishment of the Johor Cheshire Home was initiated by His Highness the late Sultan Ibrahimand Her Highness the late Sultanah Marcella with the aim of providing a HOME for the disabled and needy of all races and religion. Johor Cheshire Home believes that each person whatever his or her disability is a uniquely valuable individual and that in disregarding their disabilities, they should have the personal freedom to pursue their aspirations and take their own place in the world.

(7) Action for Aids (AFA), Singapore

A community organization that is closely linked with Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC). The alliance strives to reach people through information education and community materials/activities. To date a number of people have been reached directly through these services and many condoms were distributed with the intent of preventing STIs.

(8) CSM Project X, Singapore

Project X is an initiative started in 2008 by the Student Christian Movement of Singapore (SCM Singapore). The aim of Project X is to transform society by developing the critical and creative faculties of individuals and communities, and motivating a sense of social concern, responsibility and participation. Project X aims to work towards the rights of the sex workers and put an end to workers discrimination and stigmatization of sex workers.

(9) Sekolah Kebangsaan Polis Kem, Kulai, Malaysia

Sekolah Kebangsaan Polis Kem, Kulai was identified and assisted by Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD to enable the students who mostly come from poor family backgrounds to have a more conducive environment for studying. Several items were donated by Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD which includes a refrigerator, computers, printers and a DVD player for audio visual program. A school library will also be set up for the benefit of its students from Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD's cash contribution.

(10) SIS Forum (MALAYSIA)

This organisation was formed to promote the principles of gender equality, justice, freedom and dignity in Islam and empower women to be advocates for change.

(11) MLD's Own

MLD's own employees, their children and the community in which it works, lives and plays in also received aid for underprivileged school going children. MLD's CSR also extended to its employees as MLD learnt that quite a number of its employees children needed assistance to further their education or the employees needed some form of assistance in their family owing to health reasons or for their special needs children. MLD took up the cause and has a work force that knows its employer's care goes beyond its own gates.

(12) Appreciation to studying children of Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD's employees

Date of implementation : 27th December 2012.
Eligibility: Children of Medical-Latex (DUA) employees.
The program has been implemented to give recognition to MLD employees children who excelled in examinations recognized by the Government of Malaysia as follows:
· UPSR - Primary School Assessment Test
· PMR - Lower Secondary Assessment
· SPM - Malaysian Certificate of Education
· STPM - Higher Certificate of Education


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