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(10) World Aids Day Condoms

As part of its commitment to the society in which it lives MLD produced specially packaged condoms to mark the WAD 2013. 1,000,000 condoms were produced and committed to various organizations as below:

Recipient of Award: Countries

Condoms Donated









South Africa




UNHCR, Malaysia


(11) Dr. Ismail Tamby, Dr Care Blog

Dr Care is a practicing adrologist currently providing professional advice related to sexual healthcare matters through ESP brand website - Dr. Care blog. This blog provides an avenue for consumers to pose questions anonymously and the advice given are posted in the blog for others to also gain benefits from it. The age demography is broad whilst the type of questions posed were diverse as proof that the blog has been well received by consumers as a trusted avenue on sexual healthcare matters.

(12) Timebank

One of the activities done by MLD

Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD continues to help and contribute wherever it can towards humanity to make this world of ours a greater, safer and better living place in recognition of the sanctity of life and the people of the world.
As the efforts continue, Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD will update the information and it's commitment to this wonderful world of ours.

(13) MLD's Own

MLD continued its support to its own employees' children and their families who needed assistance for education and special needs. This was in 2013 mainly in the form of cash assistance as below.

Cash (MYR)

Employee family aid bursaries and scholarships


Subsidized payments for special children to attend special schools


Subsidized school uniforms to all MLD children in primary and secondary school





(14) Appreciation to studying children of Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD's employees

To encourage excellence in education for the children of its employees MLD implemented a recognition award for them.
Date of implementation: 27th December 2012
Eligibility: Children of Medical-Latex (DUA) employee

The program has been implemented to give recognition to MLD employees children who excelled in examinations recognized by the Government of Malaysia as follows:
UPSR - Primary School Assessment Test / PMR - Lower Secondary Assessment / SPM - Malaysian Certificate of Education
STPM - Malaysian Higher Certificate of Education

The awards are based on the following:
· All students who sit for the examinations will receive RM50.00/per student.
· For each subject taken in the examination an additional award based on achievement will be granted as follows:
A = RM25.00 / B = RM15.00 / C = RM5.00 / D = Nil E = Nil

Examination Subjects Total Paid Out
UPSR 2013 Bahasa Malaysia English Mathematics Science       1150

PMR 2013

Bahasa Malaysia






Life Skills


SPM 2013

Bahasa Malaysia





Religious Studies / Moral Studies





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